12m vacuum rolls 28cm, 4 rolls each pack at 3m

12m Vacuum Roll 28cm

$29.95 GST Included

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4 x 3m rolls, total 12m /

BPA free and are fully tested to meet food safety standards
Safe to place in boiling water
Suitable for boiling in the bag Sous vide cooking
Microwave safe for reheating in the pack
Patented multi-layered bi-directional pattern which inhibits moisture and dust flow, for a perfect seal every time
Suitable for all domestic vacuum sealers


Our Rolls are fully recyclable
Simply turn inside out and hand wash
Or place in the Dishwasher
Rolls can be cut to meet your exact size needs

$29.95 GST Included

In stock

Make 4 fortnightly payments of $7.49 with Afterpay More info

5 Key Reasons To Choose Munro Wholesale Vacuum Rolls:

  • Only The Best Quality Direct - The Munro rolls are the world’s best quality yet are suitable for all vacuum sealers on the market.
  • Superior & Strong, Tear-Resistant Bags - Munro vacuum sealer rolls are 100 microns by 80 microns thick and are much stronger than other rolls that may be thicker. This is because we don’t ‘press’ the texture of the bag. Munro vacuum rolls are 4 layers thick, 2 layers each side, which makes them much stronger and tear-resistant.
  • A Stronger Seal - Munro vacuum rolls have a very fine structure on one side. This is designed to draw the liquid much slower to the sealing line when under vacuum. This ensures you get a much better seal than some lower priced bags.
  • BPA-Free & Highly Versatile Operating Range - Munro vacuum rolls are BPA-Free, free of softener and food grade approved to world standards. With this quality you can boil-in-the-bag to 95°C for one hour and wash and reuse the bags. Also microwavable and dishwasher safe!
  • Buy In Bulk & Save! - Best of all, you are safe with the knowledge that our quality is superior. Our wholesale carton rolls are well priced without trying to compete with low-cost bags on discount websites.

Extra Information

  • 12m in total per pack (4 x 3m)
  • Super strong and tear resistant, up to 4-layer laminated PE / PA
  • Extra fine structure (Fluids are drawn slowly upwards)
  • 100% free of softeners
  • Suitable for storage in cooling and freezing for several years
  • Food-safe, tasteless and odourless
  • FDA Approved
  • BPA-Free
  • Puncture resistant external layer.
  • Ribbed to allow bag to be vacuum sealed.
  • Microwave and boiling bag suited up to +95°C
  • Perfectly suited for low-temperature Sous-Vide Cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe and reusable

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 4.5 cm


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Vacuum Sealer Bags

Our bulk and retail vacuum bags  and roll film are 100% BPA free and are fully tested to meet food safety standards.

Dishwasher safe using the top shelf, and microwave safe for reheating in the pack. Our vacuum bags can also be used for Sous Vide or boil-in-the-bag cooking.

100 microns by 80 microns patented multi-layered, bi-directional pattern. This inhibits moisture & dust flow for a perfect seal every time.

Superior Quality Vacuum Bags and Roll Film!

No Hidden Costs

Munro Direct Australia Supply vacuum bags and rolls, making us the largest supplier of vacuum bags in Australia.

We now supply Bulk lots of vacuum bags, meaning you cut out the middle-man.

When you choose to buy from us, you are dealing direct with the manufacturer and importer, and not a reseller.

Make your food last longer with the highest quality vacuum sealer bags.

Buy Direct And Save!


Superior Quality Rolls & bags

Extra heavy duty – 100 microns by 80 microns thick.

Sous vide cooking and boil in the bag

Microwave safe for reheating in the pack.

BPA free and are fully tested to meet food safety standards.


Recyclable Vacuum Bags & Rolls

Our bags and rolls are fully re-usable.

Simply turn inside out and hand wash.

Or place on the top shelf in the Dishwasher.


Free Tracking

Fully tracked door-to-door with Australia post.

All orders shipped within 48 hours week days.

Our vacuum sealer bags and rolls work with many other types of vacuum sealers.

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Our food vacuum sealer products are also suplied by ZeroPak and can be found at BJ Enterprises and Marketing in Australia and C & M Marketing in New Zealand

Vacuum 4 Rolls 28cm, 1 Pack. Ideal For Those Machines With Roll Film Holders

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