Vacuum Sealer Roll Film

Food vacuum sealers Australia supply rolls that are the number 1 choice of food vacuum sealer rolls. They are BPA free and can be used for sous vide cooking or simple boiling in the bag at the camp site. All vacuum rolls have been tested to 100 deg c. You can also safely use them in the microwave, fridge or freezer.

All roll film is superior quality with multi layers. Meaning it has layers for strenght and layers for sealing. Our roll film also has a strong dimple pattern embossing for fast even air extraction.

Beyond popular belief our vacuum sealer rolls are reusable and can be turned inside out and washed out in soapy water or the dish washer. Be carfull not to damage the bag. Each time you use the bag you will loose about 1 inch when you cut it open. So think about the lenght when you first cut your length.

We have avalible the most popular sizes of roll film and hope to keep up with growing demand. We do supply rolls for domestic vacuum sealers and Commercial vacuum sealers. Sending our roll film Australia wide is covered by Australia post with free tracking from door to door.

When using our roll film it is important to position it correctly in the vacuum sealing machine. It is also a great idea if you pre heat the sealing bar before the first seal. As it is just as important not over heat the sealing bar on the smaller domestic vacuum sealers.

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