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Thank you, your warranty registration has been successfully submitted.

We will contact you if we have any queries.

Thanks for your purchase and we hope you enjoy using your Food Vacuum Sealer from BJ Enterprises & Marketing. 

Warranty Success

So your warranty registration is successfull and thank you for submiting it. All our machines have a 1 year automatic warranty and filling out this registration form does help keep those on record. For commercial application and some of our domestic machines we have a 2 year extended warranty. These machines are imported from Europe and are of a commercial or semi commercial grade.

Warranty Service

In the case of your machine not operating the way it should you will need to stop useing it and contact us immeadiatly. In most cases the fault is with poor quality roll film being used so please come back and use our roll film to avoid this. The other main reason a machine may play up is because liquid has been succed into the machine. So if you have a model with out liquid protection please be mindfull of controlling liquids. If you are unsure how to do this please contact us

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Munro products are also suplied by ZeroPak and can be found at BJ Enterprises and Marketing in Australia and C & M Marketing in New Zealand

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