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AC/DC 12 Volt Dual Vacuum Sealer

The AC/DC dual volt vacuum sealer comes with a 1 year warranty.

Also comes with 2 power cords (12 volt, 240 volt), vacuum hose for canisters, user manual and 5 pre-made bags, 2 meters 20cm roll film and a built in bag cutter.

Save time and money by vacuum packing your foodstuffs. Storing in vacuum prolongs the food shelf life up to 5 times.

The strong vacuum pressure of -700 mbar removes 8 litres of air per minute.

This fantastic and affordable food vacuum sealer is compact and incredibly simple to use.


Only $245

Mini Pro Vacuum Sealer

The Mini Pro Vacuum Sealer is the smallest vacuum sealer in the range.

It is ideal for urban families with limited storage space, as it is compact and lightweight.

With vacuum storage, you save time and money, as food increases up to 5 times the stability .

Use the vacuum sealer to store a variety of food items such as dry and fresh meat, fruit and vegetables and nuts.

Auto or manual operation and has facility to use vacuum canisters. Canister hose will need to be purchased seperatly.

Also this machine comes with a wine stopper and hase that works off the canister port. Keeps half bottles of wine fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Great for the traveller as well and will run off a 2-300 watt inverter

This model has a clear lid so you can see the vacuum chamber (less can go wrong). The buttons are touch sensitive so extremly easy to use


Only $99.95!

European quality made in Italy

The Sico Nevada vacuum sealer is 32cm wide, has 4mm triple seals and fast air extraction.

92Kpa vacuum pressure with removable liquid filter for pump protection

Made in Italy and Ideal for families, fisherman, hunters and small restaurants

Designed for continues and inntensive use

Priced at only $849

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