Vacuum sealer User manuals

Vacuum sealer User manuals


Domestic Machines

ZeroPak Dual Vac 12v

FV500 Family Vac

Commercial Machines

Sico S250 Premium

Status Pro Vac 360

Sico Navada

Sico S-Line Series

Selecting a new vacuum sealer for the job

Do I need a vacuum sealer

Selecting your first vacuum sealer or for a repolacement can be a daunting task with so many brands on the market today. So firstly you should decide if vacuum sealing you food is a good idea. Here is a article on Vacuum sealing verses other storage methods

Domestic or Commercial vacuum sealers

So now you have decided that you want or need a vacuum sealer you need to decide weather you need a domestic machine or a commercial machine. Domestic machines are single seal and have a duty cycle so as not to over heat the sealing bar. They vacuum to between 55kpa and 75kpa which is adequate. We do have 12volt option for camping, boating , hunting etc. Our commercial options are not only bigger and heavier but all have double or triple sealing bars, they vacuum to around 90kpa and also can be used continuiously with no duty cycle so no overheating seals.

Warranty on my vacuum sealer

Warranty on a vacuum sealer is very important and also servicability and spare parts. We can service all of the machines we supply and we also have spare parts avalible for all our vacuum sealers. Our warranty does differ bettween machines and we offer a 1 year and a 2 year warranty which depends on the grade of the machine. 2 Year waranties must be registered on the warranty page of the web site.

Contact Us

If there is any further info that you require regaurding our business or our products please contact us via the contact page and we will get back to you with in 24hrs

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Our food vacuum sealer products are also suplied by ZeroPak and can be found at BJ Enterprises and Marketing in Australia and C & M Marketing in New Zealand

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