Unika by Munro

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Domestic Vacuum Sealer

Unika by Munro is a premium quality Italian-made food vacuum sealer. The most reliable vacuum system in it's class. Lightweight, sleek design and a patented removable base tray for easy care.

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20cm Rolls Twin Pack
30cm Rolls Twin pack
50 x 20cm x 30cm Precut Bags
+ Free Vacuum Bags/Rolls Cutter

Key Features:

Italian Made
2 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Free Transit Insurance

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Superior Quality + Made In Italy

The Italians have been making Food Vacuum Sealers for over 40 years. They have a worldwide patent on the Unika vacuum sealer.

Strong vacuum pressure of -80KPA makes the Unika as powerful as most commercial vacuum sealers and 2-3 times better then the average domestic vacuum sealer.

The Unika has a hygienic patented removable drip tray and a pump motor to prevent leakages. The lower tray makes perfect seals every time.

Better, Faster, Smarter. That’s Unika!

Australia’s Best Value Domestic Vacuum Sealer for Very Good Reasons

Strong Vacuum Pressure

Strong Vacuum Pressure

Vacuum pressure matters. At -.80KPA the Unika by Munro has great suction. The Unika is the strongest Domestic Vacuum Sealer on the market today.

Removable Drip-Tray

Hygienic Removable Drip-Tray

Patented Removable Drip Tray. Pump Motor is in the Top of the Unit. Flat Bed lower tray for perfect seals every time.

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty!

Unika By Munro Food Vacuum Sealers are covered by Australia’s best warranty. Our machines will give you 2 Years of worry free use, guaranteed!




+ 2 Year Warranty
+ Vacuum Pressure of -0.80KPA
+ Revolutionary lower patented removable tray
+ Manual Seal fragile foods
+ Waterproofed controls
+ World’s No.1 Domestic Vacuum Sealing Model!

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The Unika by Munro comes with a patented removable tray that is dishwasher safe ensuring total hygiene unmatched by any other machine.

With a robust pump, adjustable vacuum value up to (60 cm/Hg) – 0.80 KPA offering professional vacuum pressure; automatic and multi-function adjustable sealing and vacuum time, and our revolutionary lower “patented removable” base ensuring total hygiene every time.

Made in Italy, plus a Manual Seal feature for sealing for fragile foods; waterproofed controls and a vacuum chamber with “patented” liquid stop tray.

Fully compliant with Australian Certification Standards, plug and cabling, and fully backed by our exclusive Munro Direct 2-Year Warranty!

Key Features
  • Automatic and multi-function adjustable sealing & vacuum time
  • Robust pump, -0.80 KPA
  • Revolutionary lower patented removable tray
  • Manual Seal fragile foods
  • Waterproofed controls
  • Exclusive 2-Year Warranty!

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