Status Mini Vacuum Sealer

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Purchase a mini food vacuum sealer for only $99.95!

The Mini Vacuum Sealer is suitable for households that vacuum lower amounts of food. It’s effective but easy to use. Foods will be stored in a quality and natural way.

Because of its compactness, you can store it on the kitchen counter and use it every day.

Vacuum Pressure: -550 mbar ; pumping volume: 9L per minute.

Normally $149, now only $99.95! While stocks last!

$135.45 $90.86 GST Inc

Out of stock

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Mini Vacuum Sealer

The mini vacuum sealer comes with a 1 year warranty.

This fantastic and affordable food vacuum sealer is compact and incredibly simple to use.

It is light wieght at under 1Kg and only draws 110 watts

Fantastic for home units or for travelling.

And very affordable 

Strong Vacuum Pressure

Vacuum of -550 mbar removes 9lt of air per minute

1 Year Warranty

Sealer comes with a full 1 year replacement warranty


+ 1 Year Warranty

Vacuum: -550 mbar;

Pumping volume: 9 l / min .

Strong, sleek, lightweight, easy-clean design
Mini Food Vacuum Sealer is the smallest vacuum sealer in the Status range. It is ideal for urban families with limited storage space, as it is compact and lightweight.

With vacuum storage, you save time and money, as food increases up to 4 times the stability . Use the vacuum sealer to store a variety of food items such as dry and fresh meat, fruit and vegetables and nuts.

  • Mini food vacuum sealer.
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty.
  • Vacuum: -550 mbar;
  • Pumping Colume: 9l / min
  • $10 Delivery.

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