Order Received

Order Received

Thank you, your order has been received. We will dispatch your order within 24 hours, Monday-Friday, tracked door-to-door by Australia Post. You would of received a tracking number that you can load into the Australia Post web site and see where it is. Order received

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 0427131007 if you have any queries, we look forward to helping you get the best from your vacuum sealer and accessories. Please leave a message if we do not answer and we will return the call.

Warmest regards

Bryce Jenkins, Katrina Campbell, Gypsy jenkins

Email Us from our contact page. Information is always on hand to find out where your order is

Also try one of our other web sites. It specialises in compact and collapsible items for travellers and caravaners.

Order Received

BJ Enterprises and Marketing owns 2 retail web sites. Firstly Ezysafe and Secondly food vacuum sealers Australia. Therefore they are run from the same office address.

We have been in business scinse 2008 when we formed BJ Enterprises and marketing. over those years we have been involved in Vacuum Sealing and other ways to keep food fresher longer.

In 2019 an opotunity came our way subsequently we add to our business with food vacuum sealers Australia, and we purchased this web site from John and Sandra Munro. We put our product onto the web site and we have not looked back

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