Munro Status 5 Series

 The Ultimate DIY Vacuum Sealing Kit – RRP $448, Now Only $299
But Hurry, Only Available For A Limited Time

Munro Status 5 Series

The Ultimate DIY Vacuum Sealing Kit – RRP $448, You Pay Only $299!

The Ultimate DIY Vacuum Sealing Kit
RRP $448, Special Offer $299

Offer Includes 20cm and 30cm Twin-Pack Vacuum Rolls
PLUS 2-Piece Canister Set For Free, saving you $149!

Munro Status 5 Series domestic vacuum sealer
with a vacuum pressure of -0.75 KPA

20cm twin-pack (12m) & 30cm twin-pack(12m) of
vacuum rolls valued at $60

2 Piece Canister Set

2 Piece Vacuum Canister Set (1.5L & 2L) with
connector hose valued at $89

But hurry, offer only available for a limited time

Love mine, it’s the best thing and when you go camping, if you keep the meat cold it lasts for a week in the Esky with ice.

Chris Kay

Thanks for your excellent service, my new machine arrived this morning along with the bags.

Graham Rothwell

Just received my order this morning having only placed the order 2 days ago. Thanks for the great service and the fab bags. They are the best!

Mary Dawson

Just bought a vacuum packer, and WE LOVE IT!

Karen Morgans

Loving our vacuum sealer purchase, use it every day, great for keeping our nuts and breakfast cereals fresh and safe from those pantry nasties, wish we’d bought one years ago!

John Budge

Just bought a vacuum sealer and have used it nearly every day since, love it, so glad we made this investment.

Shell Craig

We did extensive research and Unika was the best all rounder.

Marianne Wright

Started using it the night I got home vacuumed everything in sight. If the family had’ve stood still long enough would have got them too. Absolutely great.


Very pleased with my machine! Works a treat.

Ellen Choat

Really appreciate the service you have provided and have no troubles recommending your product to anybody, works very well.

Steve Catalano

Really nice people, a pleasure to do business with.

Tim & Rachael Cottle

European quality made in Slovenia

The Munro Status 5 Series is intended for users who like simplicity and do not vacuum pack large quantities of food daily, but still demand excellence from their stored foods.

We recommend it for smaller households that store vegetables from their home garden and produce smaller quantities of meat, chicken and fish products.

The machine is small, so it fits on every kitchen counter. It is a great choice for families living in cities that value quality food and enjoy healthy nutrition throughout the year.

The Munro Status 5 Series generates a vacuum pressure of -0.75 KPA.

Excellence In Food Storage

Munro Status 5 Series Domestic Vacuum Sealer

Why Choose Us?

5-Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty!

Munro Status 5 Series will give you 3 Years of worry free use, guaranteed!

Double Sealing Bar

European Quality

European quality made in Slovenia

Strong Vacuum Pressure

Strong Vacuum Pressure

Vacuum Pressure of -0.75KPA and easy to use.




+ 3 Year Warranty

+ Vacuum Pressure of -0.75KPA

+ 20cm twin-pack rolls

+ 30cm twin-pack rolls

2-Piece Vacuum Canister set

Munro Status 5 Series Vacuum Sealer

Munro Status ProVac 360


THE ultimate diy vacuum sealing kit is now available for ONLY $299

MUNRO status 5 series

the ultimate diy vacuum sealing kit ONLY $299

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