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Learn How To Easily Maximise Your Vacuum Sealer

What You Didn’t Know Expires

There are many kitchen products out there that many of us aren’t even aware spoil. We reveal What you didn’t know has an expiration date and the solution!

Vacuum Sealed Life Expectancy

It’s a well known fact that vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of food. The question now remains – how long does it then last for?

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love is invaluable, so why not use one of her favourite kitchen appliances to show how much you care this Mothers Day.

Recipes to Warm Up Your Winter

With wintery weather becoming more common, check out our recipes to warm up your winter. Seal up some extra meals so you’re prepared for a rainy day!

Food Vacuum Sealers vs Other Storage Methods

Food vacuum sealing truly is the way of the future. It gives you the freedom to create in bulk, and save in bulk. But don’t just take our word for it, we put the food vacuum sealer to the test against other storage methods and the results speak for themselves!

The Magic of Marinating in Minutes

The secret to the most delicious cooked meals lies with the craft of marinating. However, in order to experience the full flavour infusion, the food needs to be marinaded hours in advance. Thanks to Munro Directs food vacuum sealing systems, it takes minutes rather than hours to dress your favourite food.

Fool Proof Tips to Prolong Your Easter

In celebration of the one weekend where no one can judge how much chocolate you indulge yourself in, here are our fool proof tips in prolonging the taste of your favourite chocolate delicacies.

Creative Household Vacuum Sealer Tips

Having got creative with storage methods, here are our favourite creative household vacuum sealer tips and tricks to transform your life in the same way food vacuum sealers have modernised food preparation.

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